How It Works

EZ Assessment was designed to supplement the normal testing process by saving teachers time grading, giving students immediate feedback, and providing the teacher with detailed item analysis information. Below is an example of how to use

1. Create a test key.
Creating a Test   YouTube | Windows Media | Mp4 Format

Just the key is entered (no questions).
2. The students take a multiple choice test/assessment at their desks as usual.
No web devices are needed at this point.
Students avoid unnecessary distractions while working on the test.
3. As students finish, they login and record their answers.
Taking a Test (Desktop and Mobile)   YouTube | Windows Media | Mp4 Format

Students can use any web enabled device: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
All students don't have to have a web device, but it is recommended to have at least 1 device for every 5 or 6 students.
The test is graded by the computer.
Students can mark the questions they missed and write down their grade.
4. Grades and an Item Analysis are now available.
Grade Report   YouTube | Windows Media | Mp4 Format

Item Analysis   YouTube | Windows Media | Mp4 Format

More Videos:
Setup Video   YouTube | Windows Media | Mp4 Format